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A Timer created for Toddlers

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Gives your toddler "Control" 

Toddlers are all about the power trip! They crave control and independence. By giving them their own timer, they can dictate their schedule and know what's coming up next. This will give them a sense of responsibility and, most importantly, a taste of that sweet power!

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Helps them Regulate their Emotions

Little ones can easily get swept up in the whirlwind of their emotions when things feel out of their control. To help them weather any transition, bring them into the fold and make them feel like a big part of the plan. This way, you can keep their frustrations at bay and help them feel like a champ!

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Prevents Tantrums

Even small transitions can trigger big reactions, from resistance to full-blown meltdowns. But, voila! Here comes a superhero to the rescue: the trusty timer! By prepping your little one for what's next, you can ease the transition and avoid epic battles.

Why a Timer for Toddlers?

Timers empower children to handle transitions by providing a sense of control. By setting a timer, kids can move from one activity to the next with ease and confidence.Bonus perks? The art of patience and time awareness.
Super Buddy Timer

It's About Time

Say hello to Buddy Timer, the ultimate timekeeper for tiny tots! Say goodbye to tantrums and stress, and hello to smooth sailing transitions. Whether it's going from screen time to bath time, or leaving the playground to head home, Buddy Timer's got your back. By giving your little one their very own timer, they'll feel like the boss of their day and be more willing to hop into the next activity. Plus, with Buddy Timer's help, they'll learn all about the concept of time and become little timekeeping whizzes!

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Timers are clinically proven to increase self-regulation.

Perfect timer for toddlers
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Karem Schmitz, M.Ed. and Cert. Montessori Guide

Karem's extensive experience in early childhood education and her commitment to fostering independence and patience in young children make her endorsement especially meaningful. She believes that the Buddy Timer is an excellent tool to help toddlers learn the valuable skill of time management in a fun and engaging way.

Follow her and her program @tucoachmontessori

How to use

1 / Prepare your toddler for the transition 
2/ Press the "control button" to select which timer minute the toddler will set up.
 The lights around the timer will turn on, that means the timer is ready to be set-up.
3/ Ask your toddler to press either the 2 or 5-minute timer. Explain that when the timer goes off, it means it's time to stop what they're doing or time to go.
4 / When the Buddy Timer goes off, simply press any button to stop the sound and flashing light. This lets your child know that it's time to wrap up their current task and move on to the next one. By putting your child in control, the transition becomes much smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.
The Buddy Timer is more than a timer.
Here are a few clever uses for this handy gadget:


  • Teach patience by setting the timer while your little ones wait their turn.

  • Avoid last-minute rushes by setting the timer 5 minutes before leaving the house.

  • Set the timer to let your toddler know they'll have your full attention when it buzzes.

  • Enhance bedtime and other routines with Buddy Timer.

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